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Al Verdi, Flotilla Commander Al Verdi:
FSO-CM (Communications)
FSO-PS (Personnel Services)

Al grew up in recreational boating in the Atlantic City, NJ inland waterways, and joined the Auxiliary in 2004. He served 4 years in the US Air Force as an aircraft Nav, UHF and HF radio equipment specialist. He owns and has facilitized a Sea Ray EC-390 express cruiser.

He is currently Instructor, RBS, VE, AUXCOM, AUXWEA, AUXSEA, AUXPAT, Boat Crew and ICS-100, 200, 700 and 800 certified. Al is actively working toward AUXOP and Aircrew/Observer qualifications. He also has completed Good Mate, MSAM and IMSEP testing, and is working towards Trident certification in the Marine Safety program. Al also applies his skills as a lawyer in the ADSO-LP (Assistant District Staff Officer-Legal/Parliamentarian). Al applies his leadership qualities as the Division Commander for Division 12.

Al holds a commercial, instrument and multiengine pilots license, a FCC General Radiotelephone Operators License and Amateur Extra Class Ham license. He is also an Advanced Open Water certified SCUBA diver.


Flotilla 12-4 Personnel:

FC - Flotilla Commander: Harold (Hal) Pruett
VFC - Vice Flotilla Commander: Tom Brocato
Immediate Past FC: Robin Neuman
FSO-CM - Communications: Al Verdi
FSO-CS - Computer Services: Nora Watson
FSO-FN - Finance: Tom Brocato
FSO-IS - Information Services: Cheyne Scoby
FSO-MA - Materials: Jeff Steinberg
FSO-MS - Marine Safety: Al Verdi
FSO-MT - Member Training: Robin Neuman
FSO-PV - Marine Dealer Visitor: George Rizkalla
FSO-OP - Operations: Nora Watson
FSO-NS - Navigation Services (Aids to Navigation): Victor Bruno
FSO-PA - Public Affairs: Steve Lee
FSO-PB - Publications: Jonathan Smaby
FSO-PE - Public Education: Tom Brocato
FSO-PS - Personnel Services: Jeff Steinberg
FSO-SR - Secretary/Records: Cheyne Scoby
FSO-VE - Vessel Examinations: Victor Bruno

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Coast Guard Auxiliary

12-4, The Los Angeles Flotilla
A unit of Division 12, Eleventh Coast Guard District, Southern Region