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Steve Lee:
FSO-PA - Public Affairs

Steve's passion for boating began at age four, sailing with his family on the Long Island Sound. Many years followed of extensive cruising and racing along the eastern seaboard. He eventually obtained offshore experience as the captain of a 50-foot sloop in the West Marine 1500, racing from Virginia to the British Virgin Islands. While on the boat in the Caribbean, he experienced a Category 4 hurricane, something that underlined for him the importance of boating safety and preparedness. A long time admirer of the Coast Guard, Steve joined the Auxiliary in 2009. He is currently qualified as a Vessel Examiner and as Boat Crew.

Serving as the Public Affairs Officer for the Flotilla was a natural step for Steve. After moving from New York to Los Angeles to work in the film industry, he has been an award winning director, worked as a producer for one of Hollywood's biggest marketing companies and is also a busy videographer and photographer on the side. He is excited to be utilizing these skills to help promote the Auxiliary.


Flotilla 12-4 Personnel:

FC - Flotilla Commander: Harold (Hal) Pruett
VFC - Vice Flotilla Commander: Tom Brocato
Immediate Past FC: Robin Neuman
FSO-CM - Communications: Al Verdi
FSO-CS - Computer Services: Nora Watson
FSO-FN - Finance: Tom Brocato
FSO-IS - Information Services: Cheyne Scoby
FSO-MA - Materials: Jeff Steinberg
FSO-MS - Marine Safety: Al Verdi
FSO-MT - Member Training: Robin Neuman
FSO-PV - Marine Dealer Visitor: George Rizkalla
FSO-OP - Operations: Nora Watson
FSO-NS - Navigation Services (Aids to Navigation): Victor Bruno
FSO-PA - Public Affairs: Steve Lee
FSO-PB - Publications: Jonathan Smaby
FSO-PE - Public Education: Tom Brocato
FSO-PS - Personnel Services: Jeff Steinberg
FSO-SR - Secretary/Records: Cheyne Scoby
FSO-VE - Vessel Examinations: Victor Bruno

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Coast Guard Auxiliary

12-4, The Los Angeles Flotilla
A unit of Division 12, Eleventh Coast Guard District, Southern Region