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Please be sure you have the most current versions of the following, to be able to best use the Flotilla 12-4 site.

Adobe Acrobat - for viewing PDFs; required for most forms and newsletters.
Flash Player - in the near future, will be needed to view the site properly, and to view Color Guard videos. Currently necessary for some on-line training modules.


  It's that time of year again! Membership dues are payable now, and have increased approximately sixteen dollars. District 11S 12-4 members only, pay your dues here, on-line!


  Winter is gearing up. We all get busy, and it's important to get our hours done in a timely manner! Please note there is a new 7029 form! The old one will not be accepted at all. Please visit our forms page for the most up-to-date forms.

But, do you remember where to submit them? It's easy! The e-mail is This address DOES NOT CHANGE from year to year, even if the officer does. This applies to 12-4 members only. If you are in another Flotilla, contact your FSO-IS or elected officers for advice.


  Have you visited the AuxOfficer Directory? This directory, introduced last year, lists ALL members, unlike what the name implies. But, this powerful system also offers another benefit - now you can change and correct your own listings, right on-line! Check it out today. You do need to have initialized your account at the AUX E-Directory before using AuxOfficer.


  Going on base soon and not sure what to do? Brush up on your protocol with this guide.

Recreational Boating Safety/Program (Marine Dealer) Visitor Program:

-  Read the Memo for Program Visitors from the FSO/SO-PV
-  Access the Division 12 Audit form for Program Visitors

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Campaign

  You may have received a letter or e-mail about the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Program. This is a program that provides funding for Coast Guard personnel in times of hardship. Not only do they support active duty personnel, but, also Auxiliarists and many other groups associated with the Coast Guard. They are running a fundraising campaign throughout the month of April. If you are interested in donating or finding out more about this program, visit the CGMA's Web site, or go directly to their on-line donation page. The site also includes information on how to donate by mail.

Current Materials Center ANSC Catalogue

  The new ANSC Catalogue is out! See your FSO-MA to place an order!


  Coast Guard Sector LA/LB Local Notice to Mariners (updated weekly) - Please be sure to always check before all patrols


  USCG Auxiliary District 11SR Material Center is now closed. - Order your uniforms and other supplies on-line.
  USCG Uniform Distribution Center - Order your uniforms and other supplies, this is a non-Auxiliary site
   - Uniform Distribution Center Standard Order Form
  AUX Manual Chapter 10 - Uniforms (PDF) - official Auxiliary regulations regarding uniforms
  Uniform Procurement Guide (PDF)
  The Reservist Magazine special "Uniform" Issue 2006 (PDF) - official Auxiliary regulations regarding uniforms
  U.S. Coast Guard Uniform Regulations - February 2009 (COMDTINST M1020.6F) (PDF)

Service Area Sites:

Many service areas have their own National sites. Please peruse those programs with which you're affiliated from time to time, to explore resources on those sites that may not be included in the Flotilla 12-4 site. If you discover anything on those sites that you feel should be included here, please let the webmaster know.

  Operations Directorate
   - Response & Prevention Directorate
        - Response Department (R)
        - Prevention Department (P)
   - Recreational Boating Safety Directorate
        - Education Department (E)
        - Vessel Examination and RBS Program Visitation Department (V)
  Operations Policy Directorate
   - Operations Policy & Resources
        - Policy & Resource Management (C)
        - Recreational Boating Safety Affairs (B)
   - International Affairs/Interpreter Support
        - International Affairs (IA)
        - Intepreter Corps (IC)
  Mission Support Directorate
   - Government & Public Affairs
        - Government Affairs (G)
        - Public Affairs Department (A)
   - Chief Information Officer
        - Chief Technology Office (CTO)
        - Information Systems and Administration (I)
  Force Readiness Directorate
   - Readiness Support
        - Training Department (T)
        - Human Resources Department (H)
   - Planning & Performance Support
        - Measurements Department (M)
        - Strategic & Contingency Planning (S)

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Coast Guard Auxiliary

12-4, The Los Angeles Flotilla
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